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The Little Library in the Big Woods is a private living books library located in my home in the greater Philadelphia area. A living book, according to British educator Charlotte Mason, is a beautifully expressed narrative containing worthy thoughts and inspiring ideas written by an authority with a passion for the subject. A living book is not a dry textbook or a dumbed-down distillation of facts. Living books capture children’s imaginations and leave them with a hunger to know more about the subject.

The Little Library includes living books on history, geography, science, math, art, architecture, literature, poetry and music as well as resources for teaching and parenting with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.


Patrons are welcome to make an appointment to browse the shelves by emailing me at Patrons can also email me with specific titles / areas of interest along with their child’s age and reading level. I will respond with a list of available titles.  If a patron is seeking a title not currently in the library, I will consider procuring it as long as it fits the qualifications of a “living book.”

Books may be borrowed for a period of one month. If no one else has requested a title, the book can be renewed up to two times for an additional month each time. I greatly wish to avoid confrontation involving unreturned books, so please notify me immediately if an emergency arises that will prevent you from returning books on time.  

Books may not be loaned to anyone outside of the family that borrowed them.  Friends or relatives may not check out books or return books for another family.  This policy avoids confusion and possible hard feelings in the process of sorting out responsibility if damage/ loss incurs.


Some of the books in the library are older, out-of-print gems which are not easily replaced. I feel called to loan the books free of charge as a ministry and blessing to homeschooling families. Your care for these books will enable me to keep library membership free and will allow more families and future generations to enjoy them. Please especially note the following:

  • I will provide a plastic crate with lid to protect library items from weather, dirt, food, and pets. All items must be carried to and from the library in this crate and should be stored in the crate at all times when not in use.  Library items should never be left out around the house, on the floor, on furniture or in the car. Books should be stored flat in the tote or in standing position as they would be on a shelf but never with the spines up. 
  • Do not allow young children to use library books without adult supervision.
  • Do not use library items outside or take them to other people’s houses.
  • Never put a library book in a backpack or in a cloth bag.
  • Make sure hands are clean before handling library books, and do not eat or drink while using them.
  • Always turn pages from the top right corner, never from the middle or bottom of the page.  Most tears occur at the bottom of the page near the binding because this area becomes so fragile.  Turning from the top right corner will prevent tearing.
  • Use a flat bookmark to mark your place.  Never lay an open book face down, dog-ear the page corners or use paperclips or bulky bookmarks to keep your place. 


Library items will inevitably wear with time and usage. Please report any known damage, even a small tear, so it can be repaired promptly. When an item comes back to the library with sudden deterioration or damage requiring repair, I will charge a $3.00 fee to cover the cost of repair materials. Please do not purchase a replacement or attempt repairs on your own.

If a library item is lost or cannot be properly repaired, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement up to $50.00. I will do my best to find the lowest price on an identical replacement in similar condition. I will also alert you whenever you borrow a book worth $50.00 or more so that you can decide if you are comfortable being responsible for the book. Repeated incidents of negligence will result in cancellation of library patronage. Hopefully, this will never become an issue!


Please note that I have not personally read every book in the library. I focus on collecting books recommended in various literature-based curricula and respected book lists. If you come across a book that is objectionable, please bring it to my attention so I can determine whether it should remain in the library.  Parents are ultimately responsible for determining what is suitable for their children.

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