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Homeschool Notebooking: A Peek At Our Pages

I wrote last time about the joy, peace, and freedom I’ve been finding lately in our homeschool journey, and especially how notebooking is becoming a valuable and pleasant part of our learning. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting and am feeling more enthusiastic than ever about this most natural-feeling way of engaging…

The Magical Secret of Homeschooling

Simplicity. Consistency. Quietness. Freedom. These words whisper to me over and over as winter reluctantly yields to spring. Only three months left in this school year. Things haven’t quite turned out as I planned. Yet, maybe, just maybe, that’s okay. I started this school year confident in my well-chosen Charlotte Mason curriculum, our studies scheduled…

Story School: On the Road with Childcraft

Most summers my anxiety level surges as the new school year approaches, but this August I felt strangely peaceful. Three years into homeschooling, we just opened the books and took off, no big deal. I didn’t fret about curriculum choices or methods. Armed with a consult from A Delectable Education, my school year was planned,…

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