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Little House, Lent, and Looking for Spring

Whew, we made it to March! After the beauty and bounty of Christmas, I’m always eager for January’s simplicity– decorations cleared away, piles hauled to the thrift store, treats sequestered in dark pantry corners. But then after all that…February can feel pretty flat. Will winter ever end? What can we look forward to now? Shall… Continue Reading →

Twenty-Four Books Until Christmas

“What are those?!” one daughter whispered to another from the depths of my closet. They stood mesmerized before a basketful of brightly wrapped packages. “It looks like books!” “Yes, I think it’s books!” Our customary tradition when it comes to Christmas picture books goes something like this: we make a mad rush to the library… Continue Reading →

Our Interactive Topographical Map

I’m afraid I may have given you the impression last time that I would never, no never, make another diorama. And in truth, what you see before you today can’t be rightfully termed a diorama. For lack of a better name, let’s call it an interactive topographical map, shall we?  Although constructing it feels perilously… Continue Reading →

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