Our Winter Bird Friends

Winter nature study without venturing out into the cold - what a concept! This bleak midwinter had me feeling pretty uninspired until we hung bird feeders along our back deck to create our very own bird blind. Between the suet and the sunflower seeds, we attracted a nice variety: chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmice, juncos, wrens,... Continue Reading →

My “Happy Chimney-Corner Days” List: 2021 Edition

Every year while my husband slumps into depression over taking down the Christmas tree and turning off the holiday tunes, I blaze forth in clutter-purging, to-do-list-compiling, New-Year's-resolution-composing glory. But not this year. "Wither is fled the visionary gleam?" I can't say for sure, but when I started pondering resolutions, two questions nudged me. What do... Continue Reading →

Anchoring Advent

This year I finally surrendered my battle to simplify Christmas. Every year since the girls were born, I've fretted all Advent season long over how to exchange all the presents and parties, food and frenzy for a quiet, meaningful holiday that would sustain us with the beauty of His first coming and the joyous expectation... Continue Reading →

Of Glitter Leaves and Starry Skies

Nothing thrills me more than watching my girls plunge into nature study body and soul. Until last year we lived in a townhouse development where people came undone if so much as a dandelion popped up through the meticulously weed-treated lawn. Since moving into our "Big Woods" at the utter dead end of a dirt... Continue Reading →

One Thing I Ask

“Enjoy every minute.” “It goes so fast.” “When are you due?” Umm, six months ago. People say silly things to new mothers. Even though everyone insists that the time just flies, after my first daughter was born I understood how a day could seem like a thousand years to the Lord. As my husband sauntered... Continue Reading →

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